Favorite South American Wineries

South America has a booming wine industry. Argentina and Chile are the major producers, famous for their Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our journey through South America isn’t complete without a stop at some of our favorite Latin American wineries.
Do you or someone you know love wine tasting and culinary experiences during their luxury vacation? Well come along with us to a trip to South America.

Latin American Wineries - Luxury Argentina Travel - Vines of Mendoza - Ker Downey

The Vines of Mendoza | Uco Valley, Argentina

The Vines of Mendoza tops our list of favorite Latin American wineries. It’s really like visiting multiple wineries in a single place because they sell small plots of land to passionate oenophiles looking to become winemakers. 300 unique wines are produced each year from its winemakers. It’s resort, The Vines Resort & Spa is the epitome of luxury. Located at the base of the Andes Mountains, you’ll have a front-row seat to the pink sunrise reflecting off the mountains, private tastings in the vineyards, and award-winning cuisine at the illustrious Siete Fuegos restaurant by Francis Mallmann. While there, you can also learn the art of wine making – from harvesting to blending, to tasting and bottling – from the expert team.

Latin American Wineries - Luxury Argentina Travel - Vines of Mendoza - Ker Downey

Finca Narbona Wine Lodge | Colonia, Uruguay

Often eclipsed by the alluring beaches of Punta del Este, the southwest region of Colonia just might be Uruguay’s best-kept secret. Luxury and authenticity coexist beautifully here, where the slow-paced river towns along the natural Río de la Plata border stretch from the cobble stoned streets of Colonia del Sacramento to the undulating wine lands of Carmelo. Finca Narbona, located on Route 21 between Carmelo and Nueva Palmira, is one of the most antique places you can stay in Uruguay. The superb Tannat wine is produced on this farm alongside delicious cheeses, organic fruits, and fresh vegetables. The restaurant specializes in pastas, but also includes a countryside bakery where homemade bread is baked every day. We recommend taking a picnic lunch in the vineyards and a late afternoon wine and cheese pairing in the cellar, which is guided by the winemaker of Finca Narbona and includes three different Narbona wines and seven choices of cheese made onsite.

La Estancia de Cafayate | Salta, Argentina

Cafayate valley in Argentina’s Salta region is a land of extraordinary wines. Most famous for its torrontes wine, Cafayate benefits from the low humidity and mild weather of the valleys to produce a premium crop. We recommend taking a drive through the impressive the Rio las Conchas valley for unforgettable views of incredible stone formations in the undulating hills. You will not want to miss the local cathedral or the resident Cabernet ice cream either. This laid back area showcases old colonial sites and many wine cellars open to the public, but our favorite is undoubtedly La Estancia de Cafayate, a secluded wine and residential sporting estate boasting meandering vineyards, horse pastures, polo fields, an 18-hole golf course, and the coveted luxury boutique accommodations and spa of Grace Cafayate on its grounds, all within view of the spectacular Andean Mountains. The colonial charm, outstanding architecture, lush landscape, and warm hospitality—not to mention the world-class wines and cuisine—of the estancia make it an unforgettable destination in Northern Argentina.
Latin American Wineries - Luxury Argentina Travel - Grace Cafayate - Ker Downey

Viña Vik | Millahue, Chile

Guests of Viña Vik are treated to a completely unforgettable stay in Chile’s Cachapoal Valley. One of the highlights is a visit to the vineyards and winery, where guests can taste three different strains of wine, plus the iconic Vik Wine. Days are otherwise spent at leisure horseback riding or a biking within the vineyards to enjoy the stunning views and landscape or relaxing at the Wine Spa with an exclusive Vik treatment utilizing the grapes obtained from the vineyards of the valley. During the evening between  the months of March and May guests enjoy one of the most amazing experiences: the hands-on VIK Evening Harvest. At Viña Vik, the harvest takes place during the night in order to preserve the grapes in its best quality.

Latin American Wineries - Luxury Argentina Travel - Vina Vik - Ker Downey

Kingston Family Vineyards | Casablanca Wine Valley, Chile

Kingston Family Vineyards is a hidden gem on our list of top Latin American wineries. The family-run vineyard is set in the Casablanca hills, completely off the tourism map. It has been recognized as “making some of Chile’s best pinots” (Food & Wine). There’s an outdoor tasting area at the top of a hill that looks across the entire valley and they have a variety of activities available on the property like horseback riding around the vineyard, private tastings of the grapes, a walk through of the production, and more.
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