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What is the camino de santiago streets  Streets of Santiago, Spain
For centuries, thousands of people have flocked across Europe toward a small city in northern Spain, seeking redemption, forgiveness and charity—in this life and the next.

What is the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, is one of Europe’s oldest and most popular pilgrim routes, drawing nearly a quarter of a million people each year on a spiritual journey to the resting place of St. James, one of the 12 apostles.


St. James the Greater, a fisherman’s son from Galilee who was St. John the Baptist’s brother and one of the 12 apostles, was given the task of spreading the word of the Lord on the Iberian Peninsula.
St. James, depicted fighting Moors in an 18th century painting St. James, depicted fighting Moors in an 18th century painting
After some serious evangelizing, he returned home in AD 44, only to be decapitated; consequently, he was accorded full martyr status. His head and body were cast adrift in a boat that miraculously ran aground eight centuries later at a spot called el Padrõn in Galicia, in northern Spain.
His disciples there had meanwhile converted Queen Lupa, who conveniently transformed her palace into a tomb for the relics of St. James. Around AD 813, a hermit named Pelayo, guided by a mysterious star, discovered the tomb and spread the word throughout Christendom.


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A route marker on the Camino de Santiago
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