Best Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

You’ve booked your cruise and now it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. A little advance planning can go a long way to ensure a carefree voyage.
To help guide your packing, here is our Destination Specialists’ list of what to pack for your cruise. Note that it’s helpful to have booked your excursions beforehand so you have an idea of what you’ll be doing ashore.
Women’s Packing List
As you may know, Oceania Cruises has an elegant casual dress code. This simply means you should pack:
• Cocktail dresses or skirts and blouses for The Grand Dining Room and specialty restaurants
• Blouses and nice shorts for evenings at Terrace Café
• Sundresses – great for transitioning from day to evening with a wrap or cardigan
• Casual shirts and tank tops to pair with shorts, capris or comfortable pants for excursions
• A light cardigan, pashmina or wrap, especially for dining and ashore
• Small clutch or cross body bag
Men’s Packing List
Packing for men is even easier. Essentials include:
• Dress pants, collared shirts and a sports jacket or blazer for The Grand Dining Room and specialty restaurants
• Khakis or nice shorts with cotton shirts for Terrace Café
• Casual shorts or pants and lightweight tops for excursions – quick-drying shirts are great for the tropics
Packing List for Everyone
• A bathing suit and quick-drying cover-up (bring more than one if you plan on swimming a lot)
• Sleepwear
• Undergarments and socks
• Variety of shoes: dress shoes, comfortable walking shoes, sneakers and sandals
• Reef sandals or water shoes for the Caribbean and South Pacific
• Light jacket or fleece
• A waterproof jacket for Alaska and regions with changeable climates
• Sun hat or visor
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Workout attire
• Day pack or comfortable tote for excursions ashore
• Dry pack if planning on boating excursions or water activities
• Mosquito repellent for tropical destinations
Packing Essentials
These items may seem difficult to forget, but here are a few essential things that travelers sometimes leave behind.
• Passport
• Driver’s License
• Cash
• Visas, if necessary
• Credit cards – be sure to notify them of your travels
• Cash – small bills are helpful
• Copies of emergency numbers
• Copies of important documents such as the front page of your passport, airline tickets and hotel confirmations
• Medications
• Toiletries
• Necessary technology, like your phone and tablet
• Charging cables for all devices
• Portable phone charger
• Camera, extra SD card and batteries
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Source;  Oceania Cruises