Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hue, Vietnam

1. Learn the Art of Kite-Making with a Local Expert
Experience the 300-year-old tradition of making kites at the Royal Treasury in Hue. Flying kites is a popular pastime in Hue and families often gather in local parks to show off their colorful creations. With A&K, guests discover the art and history of royal kites, which were used during the Nguyen dynasty as a way of telling stories in the sky. Meet a fourth-generation kite-maker who is a member of Hue’s Kite Flying Club and one of only two recognized kite artisans from his village, who demonstrates how to assemble the bamboo frame and decorate the self-made kite.
2. Discover Incense Making at a Village
One of our favorite spots is a small village on the outskirts of the city, which has been supplying the nation’s incense sticks for several generations.  See the thin sticks of bamboo being dyed and laid out to dry in a mixture of sandalwood, cinnamon or pine-scented powder. Guests can take home some of the brightly colored sticks, which look like bouquets of flowers from a distance, and learn more about how they are used at family shrines to honor one’s ancestors.
3. Taste the Delights of Hue Cuisine
Small parcels of steamed rice flour topped with dried shrimps or crispy pork skin and served with fish sauce, banh beo is just one of the many culinary delights of Hue, which are not to be missed when visiting the imperial city. Hue is home to many specialty dishes, which are entirely different from the rest of Vietnam. Other must-try dishes include bun bo (noodles in an aromatic broth of lemongrass, lime, herbs and spicy chili oil), banh khoai (a crispy egg-based pancake with savory fillings) and nem lui (grilled pork on lemongrass skewers wrapped in rice paper).
4. Bike through the Backstreets of Hue
Cycle through the backstreets of the city to discover quiet corners and peaceful villages that reveal hidden gems at every turn. Pass through rice fields and bamboo-lined streets to discover a Japanese bridge which is much quieter and far less frequented than the bridge of similar construction in Hoi An. See local mushroom farms and observe the simple lifestyle of the people, observing how each house features its own temple for ancestral worship.
5. Experience a Private Martial Arts Session with a Master
Discover a little-known martial arts technique called Vo Kinh Van An. The tradition, which is rarely practiced outside the imperial city of Hue, was developed over 200 years ago by mandarins of the Nguyen dynasty. We recommend a private session at a local studio where guests can observe masters demonstrate the precise and deliberate movements and learn more about this unique aspect of Hue culture.
Source;  AK International