The Coolest Places to Ring in the New Year

London, United Kingdom

Fireworks burst in the chilly skies above London and you get to see the special show from your high-speed boat zipping down the River Thames. The stately buildings on the riverbanks sparkle like New Year’s Eve glitter. Hearing Big Ben chiming in the New Year is like music to any London-lover’s ears.


Baby, it’s cold outside… but you will be feeling warm and fuzzy in your bubbly hot tub within a private luxury chalet nestled into the snowy Alps. When you do dare to don your coat, the powdery white slopes of Courchevel, Verbier, and St. Moritz await for you to ski to your heart’s content.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Clink your glass (or two) of sparkling wine within the walls of the Harpa Concert Hall, an architectural wonder featuring hundreds of glass panels. The see-through building gives you a unique indoor place to watch the fireworks light up the sky, just like the Northern Lights.

Berlin, Germany

Celebrate the upcoming year with a lively crowd along the city’s Party Mile—a city-wide street party that doesn’t stop. Count down the last few seconds of 2018 amidst live music, open-air disco, laser shows, and fireworks. Trendy Berlin clubs offer a wild party unlike any other. All this merrymaking will activate your appetite; thankfully, Berlin has a world-class array of food choices to satisfy your late night munchies.

Havana, Cuba

Say adios to 2018 as you spin and swirl to salsa in Old Havana’s historic Cathedral Plaza. Cubans love to sing and dance into the wee hours of the night, and New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to join this revelry. The mojitos are flowing and the energy is electric as you count down the last few seconds of the year.

Sydney, Australia

It’s a good day when you are with a bunch of friendly Australians. The evening starts with a nod to the country’s aboriginal roots with a ceremony to cleanse Sydney Harbour of any bad spirits. See dance and visual performances that reflect the aboriginal heritage and culture. When the skies grow dark, illuminated ships dazzle the crowds as they glide through the shimmering water and then the show ends with a bang as the harbor, opera house, and bridge form the backdrop for an explosive, synchronized fireworks show.

Highlands, Scotland

The Scots love to celebrate Hogmanay—the name for the New Year tradition that dates back to Viking times—with a lot of revelry and fanfare. Say goodbye to 2018 feeling like a king in your own private castle tucked into the hills and glassy lakes of the Scottish Highlands.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is arguably one of the glitziest towns on the planet, so it’s only fitting to pop the champagne and don your designer dress at the Armani Hotel. Mouthwatering, authentic Arab dishes are served at the Burj Al Arab to celebrate the New Year. It’s a glamorous affair topped off by a 12 minute fireworks display.
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