Thinking About Traveling to Cambodia? Think Again!

Cambodia Angar Wat

A number of countries are beginning to open to travelers.

But each has its own set of rules, restrictions, possible quarantines and testing.

But one country, while officially re-opening for travelers, is making getting there — and staying there — very tough.

Want to go to Cambodia? You must test negative within 72 hours of your flight, carry proof of $50,000 health insurance, and deposit $3,000 on arrival. Then, you must pay $100 for another Covid-19 test. If anyone on your flight tests positive, then everyone gets quarantined for 14 days.

But wait…it gets worse. If you happen to die, Cambodia requires you be cremated. That’s $1,500.

What’s my advice? At least for the moment, take a virtual tour of Cambodia.


Donna Salerno


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