Top Ten Holiday Destinations

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Top Ten Holiday Destinations AfricaAfrica

A continent with an amazingly diverse landscape, people and culture. An abundance of wildlife. Safari, wine tours and cultural exploration await the intrepid traveler.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations AustraliaAustralia

With its temperate climate & reverse seasons, this is a year-round destination, filled with sunshine & packed with plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts & city sophisticates. From snorkeling to surfing to shopping & dining.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations CaribbeanCaribbean

A short flight from most destinations, the Caribbean presents many choices for every traveler. This year there are plenty of great deals from Anguilla to Barbados and everywhere in between. Golf, dive, shop, sail, dine & tan.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations EuropeEurope

For those not headed to the beach, Europe is a great destination in the winter months. The cost is much less than the summer. The sightseeing is terrific with shopping, skiing, exploring, hiking all with a magical winter’s touch.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations Ecuador and GalapagosGalapagos

The Galápagos, Ecuador; has great weather year round. A wildlife lover’s haven and a virtual museum of unspoiled nature. With no native humans to contend with, the resident animals regard visiting people with curiosity.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations HawaiiHawaii

Whether you like shopping, snorkeling, beaches, golf or spas, Hawaii will charm you. From the top of Maui’s Haleakala crater to the whale-filled seas; there is so  much to do. That is why Hawaii ranks as one of the world’s top destinations.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations IndiaIndia

A culture that stretches back thousands of years, that it’s citizens hold dear and nurture. Explore the unparalleled Taj Mahal, the romantic palaces & forts of Rajasthan, ride an elephant in Jaipur and the Hindu temple at Khajuraho.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations New ZealandNew Zealand

Two islands, North and South, offer travelers an unending list of outdoor adventures. Set sail among fjords. Snorkel, surf or simply relax at a beach front resort. Whatever you decide, you’ll find beauty at every turn.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations South AmericaSouth America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Peru

Discover the very best of Buenos Aires, Rio, Santiago & Lima. From the western coast of Chile to the eastern coast of Brazil by way of Patagonia, the Andes and through some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery.
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Top Ten Holiday Destinations IndochinaCambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam

The treasures of Indochina are revealed to you. In Siem Reap, watch the sun set over Angkor Wat. Visit Vietnam, where you enjoy the colonial architecture in Hanoi.
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