Top Ten Travel Trends

In the past year, the world of travel has evolved significantly, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.
In fact, these are the “Top Trends” for 2019 that travelers and destinations around the world are experiencing.
It’s a year that’s predicted to be all about customized itineraries.

The Multi-Generational Vacation

Imagine a summer vacation steeped in luxury, discovery and exploration.  We get it, family travel can be complicated, with different ages, interests and abilities at play.  We’re here with family vacation ideas for every member of the family, whether they’re nine or seventy-nine.  Donna Salerno Travel helps prepare the bond through adventure and discovery of a new destination.  Maintain a timely family tradition or start a new one.

The Wellness Vacation

More and more resorts are opening up the healthy promise to guests thru a wellness vacation, complete with spa treatments, Pilates, yoga, exercise and more. Healthy menus with cooking classes, nutrition information and exercise schedules all top our lists of requests from clients for 2019!

Donna Salerno Travel offers many Active Adventure Tours; we’re talking 6-7 night trips to different destinations that are amenity rich; spa visits, breakfasts and dinners all included, lux accommodations with biking, hiking, walking and plenty more water activities included-booking early is the key.  Add a pre or post stay to complete your vacation time!


Extreme Vacations

Travelers are becoming thrill seekers, and as such the tourism industry is catching up, offering all manner of extreme vacation experiences. You heard of swimming with the sharks? Walking a historic pilgrimage? How about diving with the gators? Zipline the highest peak?  If you can dream it, we can help create your escape.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

More and more, people are thinking of travel as a means of opening their eyes, which is why they’re traveling to more exotic places where they can immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture.  Learning a new skill; swimming, surfing, Pilates, yoga, painting, cooking, photography. You name it; we can put a trip together for you to learn it! Have your own group that is looking for a unique destination, activity? Let us know; we’ve been helping groups travel for many years.

Give Back

Many find themselves wanting to give back to the world, which is why many are volunteering and vacationing at the same time.
Africa, Central America, Asia and other destinations are offering ‘Give Back’ programs for guests. Ranging from visits to a local community school to help with kids or helping to complete a major renovation or build in the town.

Culinary Tours

Image result for luxury culinary tour
With more people thinking about the quality of what they eat, tours and vacations geared around culinary experiences are becoming very popular. Cooking classes, wine tasting, olive oil sampling are all part of the mix. We offer Food Tours in most major cities around the world that connect people with local cuisine.

The Extended Vacation

The digital workplace means that more people are now able to go on extended working vacations to some of the world’s most exotic locations. With more people working remotely, or ‘on the road’ many are adding in extra nights in different or same cities that they are required for their job. Singapore for a work stay? Add on Thailand or more exotic Bhutan. Have work in Amsterdam? Add on London. Tel Aviv the next business meeting? – add an extended tour throughout the country, tailored to your preferences.
National Parks
National Parks offer many activities; scenic drives, short walks to major sights, unique accommodations and experiences.  We can help with customized itineraries on the parks you’d like to include or help with small group tours. Remember some of the parks – accommodations, guides, etc.,  are booked a year in advance! Booking early is the key.

Sustainable Tourism

With the world getting more crowded by the day, vacationing in a sustainable manner is becoming more important. Whether its staying at eco friendly hotels/resorts or helping the local wildlife in the destination you are visiting we can help arrange the experience of a lifetime.

Here are 10 exciting destinations – put them at the top of your wish list and discover something new.

Why Go: Botswana holds a special place in the hearts of many. In fact, Prince Harry calls it his “second home” and actively works to support rhino conservation.

How to Go: The Okavango Delta offers some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa, including a growing rhino population with support from philanthropy. Search these rhino on Botswana safari in style or follow in the footsteps of the royal couple and sleep under the stars at Sanctuary Baines Camp on a customized trip.
Travel Tip:  “We can help arrange special requests for this destinations:  walking safaris, children’s story telling, photography safari or fishing with a guide, just to name a few!”

Why Go?  Colombia’s diversity runs from tropical grasslands to mountain peaks, from coffee plantations to spectacular museums, from ancient history to natural wonders.

How to Go:  Delve into Colombian culture, exploring local art, cuisine and customs with insider access to museums, private coffee tastings and a behind-the-scenes tour of a family flower plantation on Colonial Charm in Columbia or depart when you choose and we can customize an itinerary just for you and explore with your private car and guides.
Travel Tip:   “Enjoying the local culture and history is always big in my book. Delve into Colombian culture, exploring local art, cuisine and customs with insider access to museums, private coffee tastings and a behind-the-scenes tour of a family flower plantation.”

Cordoba, Spain

Why Go:  For almost 300 years, Cordoba was one of the most important cities in Europe and the Islamic world. Visit the 10th century Mezquita, a cathedral and former great mosque with a breathtaking Moorish-influenced interior unlike anything else in Spain.
How to Go:  Discover this city from a local perspective when traveling with a Tour Director and local guides on Spain seven cities or for a more in-depth understanding of Moorish culture, with an itinerary that includes Morocco.
Travel Tip:   “One of Spain’s oldest cities, Cordoba is best experienced on foot. Wander its narrow, flower-lined streets, then step inside the Mezquita to gape at the colorful arches and intricate details found inside.”

Travel Trends EcuadorGalapagos Islands

Why Go: There are few places on earth where you can have such close-up experiences with wildlife, including the mating dances of blue-footed boobies and the displays of magnificent frigate birds. Each island has its own distinctive character and your naturalist guide will point out how plants and animals adapt to the unique conditions.
How to Go: Your Galapagos wildlife adventure or make it a family celebration on your family Galapagos trip.
Travel Tip:   “I like to be active when I’m on vacation and enjoy any chance to snorkel with sea lions and turtles. You also have the rare opportunity to see marine iguanas feeding underwater.”

Travel Trends List HawaiiHawaii

Why Go: Perhaps the most visited tropical destination in the world and for good reason. Sandy beaches, palm trees, volcanoes, scuba diving, luxury resorts and villas.
How to Go:  Visit two islands to fully experience the variety and diversity.
Travel Tip:  Try “poke” which is marinated tuna served raw, often with seaweed. This local treat is served almost everywhere.


Why Go:  Israel is a destination for the ages, and when you visit it with us, you discover it in-depth and in unqualified comfort.
How to Go:  Enjoy a small group journey on select dates; offering Biblical and historic sites in Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem; explore Masada and Yad Vashem; privately cruise the Sea of Galilee; and visit the site of the Sermon on the Mount.
Travel Tip:  “With a local guide to explain the significance of the different historic sights; you’ll learn so much of the rich history. The food and local culture is amazing to partake in. Breeze through customs and immigration with our VIP service, which greets you upon arrival and whisks you past long lines.”


Why Go:  Learn the ways of the samurai warrior in Tokyo, a traditional ryokan experience in Hakone and Japanese culture in Kyoto
How to Go:  Explore with a local expert who shares insights in the history and culture of Japan. Visit the beautiful resort town of Hakone, known for its hot springs (onsens) and mountainous scenery. Explore Lake Ashi on a scenic boat cruise and Hakone Komagatake Ropeway for a spectacular view of the Mount Fuji. Ride like a local on the bullet train to Osaka and walk thru the gardens of the Osaka Castle.
Travel Tip:  “No trip to Japan would be complete without a day excursion to the lush and tranquil Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, and explore the magical Golden Pavilion.”


Why Go:  Travel to Moscow and explore the Kremlin, the center of Russian history and intrigue and take in a performance at the gloriously revamped Bolshoi Theater. The footsteps of the Tsars are evident in St. Petersburg and the surrounding countryside. The Hermitage Museum contains the largest art collection in the world and Peterhof, the Palace of Peter the Great, features spectacular gardens and golden fountains too numerous to count.  As you travel through Russia with us, you will step behind-the-scenes, beyond closed doors, and learn about the culture first-hand from the locals.
How to Go:  New for 2019, we have introduced a luxury exploration of St. Petersburg & Moscow, featuring Four Seasons hotels, insight from local guides and insider access throughout on Imperial Russia.
Travel Tip:  The later spring and summer months from May to September are very popular times to visit and there is no doubt that White Nights in St. Petersburg, at the end of June and beginning of July are mystical. With 24 hours of daylight, a day there is almost a dream like quality.  Looking at your watch and realize it’s midnight, when you thought it was only 9:00PM!

New Zealand South IslandNew Zealand, South Island

Why Go: New Zealand is blessed with perhaps the world’s largest concentration of stunning natural wonders, offering a pristine environment for outdoor enthusiasts.
How to Go: Choose your own adventure, from exploring picturesque Milford Sound by helicopter and landing on the ice floes of Isobel Glacier, to a river safari or a hike along one of New Zealand’s Great Walks, on Around the World’s; An Inspiring Expedition by Private Jet or combine it with Australia on Australia & New Zealand The Lands Down Under.
Travel Tip: “I always consider the South Island the jewel of New Zealand. It’s difficult to overstate its beauty – and how much it has to offer — from world-class wineries and indigenous art, to an abundance of thrilling adventures.”


Why Go:  Known for its turquoise waters and towering mountains, it has a storied history (as well as world-class chocolate).
How to Go:  Combine the beautiful Swiss Alps with the glories of the Italian Lake District on Switzerland and the Italian Lakes or plan an adventure for the entire family on Family Switzerland, featuring James Bond Mountain, chocolate tastings, and jaw-dropping nature on hikes and raft trips.
Travel Tip: “Breathtaking views are everywhere you look, but one of the most spectacular experiences is on the way to Zermatt. Dine on the famous Glacier Express as you traverse the majestic scenery.”

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