Belvedere Palace in Vienna Austria

Austria is a country of classic music, home of the waltz, amazing landscapes, friendly people and wonderful traditions. There are so many ways to enjoy the country. Take a Danube River, enjoy the Christmas Markets, ski the Austrian Alps, explore historic cities with cultural events and gourmet restaurants.

Hofburg Palace Vienna


A city of music with musicians such as Johann Strauss, Liszt Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart among the most notable. The Habsburg Empire ruled for centuries and their legacy remains today in the culture, historical buildings and art.

Saltzburg Austria


The birthplace of Mozart, is picturesque with castles, palaces and churches. More than 4,000 cultural events make the city an important cultural center. The acclaimed Salzburger Festspiele includes concerts, opera and theater performances.
The top sights are Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mozart;s Birthplace, Salzbburg Residence and Museum of Natural History.

Danube River Cruise

Take a leisurely cruise along the Danube from Budapest Hungary to Regensburg Germany. Visit the historic cities of Linz, Passau, Krems and Melk along the way. Enjoy gourmet dining with local wine. Bike along the canal pathways.


Vienna Top Ten Things To Do

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