Top Ten Island Destinations

Top Ten Island DestinationsEnjoy a magical feeling with an island vacation.
Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and dazzling sunsets.

Top Island Destinations Kangaroo Island AustraliaAustralia – Kangaroo Island

The pristine coast of South Australia offers a diverse landscape of towering sand dunes, soaring cliffs and dense forests. The abundant wildlife includes koalas, kangaroos (of course), Tammar wallabies, penguins, seals, sea lions, ospreys … the list goes on.

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Top Ten Island Destinations Eucador GalapagosGalápagos

Off the coast of Ecuador, is a haven for some of the world’s most unique and varied wildlife. Observe penguins, marine iguanas, fur seal, bright orange Sally Lightfoot crabs and the blue-footed booby.

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Top Ten Island Destinations HawaiiHawaii

Perhaps the most visited tropical destination in the world … and for good reason. Sandy beaches, golf, palm trees, volcanoes, scuba diving, whales, luxury resorts and villas. Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai and The Big Island
are all amazing.

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Top Ten Summer Destinations IrelandIreland

Splendid scenery, fascinating history, a vibrant culture and warm, hospitable people all contribute to the great charm of Ireland. Get some insights into Irish cultural, join a historian for a visit to the historic landmarks. Experience the peaceful ambiance of small villages. Enjoy a memorable night of storytelling and music. 

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Top Ten Island Destinations Maldives Maldives

On this chain of coral islands southwest of India, turquoise water laps against white sand beaches. Relax, unwind and let time stand still as you savor the peace and tranquility.  

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Top Ten Island Destinations GreeceSantorini – Greece

White-washed houses rest on cliffs above the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. In Fira, visit a museum housing life-size copies of all the frescoes found in the prehistoric site of Akrotiri, where you may look across the island from the edge of the caldera.

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Top Ten Island Destinations SeychellesSeychelles

A year round destination with white beaches and crystal water. One of the truly untouched ecosystems left on earth, worthy of the distance one travels to savor it.

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Top Ten Island Destinations Sicily ItalySicily, Italy

This island has been under the rule of the Normans, Greeks and Romans; to name just a few who have left their cultural impression. With plenty of sunshine and rich volcanic soil, Sicily also produces impressive wines to compliment a vibrant culinary scene.

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Top Ten Island Destinations - St LuciaSaint Lucia

The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean is home to the verdant Piton Mountains, tropical rain forest, a waterfall that changes colors, and a drive-in volcano.Beaches, brilliantly hued marine life and ancient shipwrecks lure water lovers to St Lucia.

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Top Ten Island Destinations TahitiTahiti

Voted the world’s most popular honeymoon destination. No vacation destination suggests paradise more than French Polynesia. Tahiti and its surrounding islands offer miles of private beaches, crystalline waters, and soft breezes.

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