Tahiti travel informationVoted the world’s most popular honeymoon destination. No vacation destination suggests paradise more than French Polynesia. Tahiti and its surrounding islands offer miles of private beaches, crystalline waters, and soft breezes.

Tahiti travel information - Bora Bora Four Seasons Bora Bora

The quintessential South Seas island, Bora Bora has been immortalized in film, books, and paintings. Its dramatic 700-meter peaks and shimmering lagoon will quickly put you under their spell—as will the luxurious resorts, superb scuba diving and dining, and nightly Tahitian dance performances.

Tahiti travel information - MooreaMoorea

Moorea is a treasured destination in French Polynesia, and for good reason. Majestic green mountains soar above its turquoise lagoon, deep bays, and white sand beaches. Whether your tastes run to diving, beachcombing, fishing, rainforest hiking, or fine dining, Moorea has much to offer.

Tahiti overwater bungalowsTahiti

The gateway to French Polynesia, Tahiti is known as the isle of love. From its clear blue waters and soft ocean breezes to its unique resorts and award-winning restaurants, this world-famous South Pacific destination is a traveler’s paradise.

Tahiti travel information - Taha'a Taha’a

The flower-laden island of Taha’a shares a lagoon with Raiatea and is a favored mooring point for sailors and charter boats. Known as the vanilla island for its many plantations, Taha’a offers visitors diving, fishing, scenic hikes, plantation tours, and beautifully scented air.

Tahiti travel information - HuahineHuahine

Known as the “Garden Island,” Huahine charms visitors with uncrowded beaches, exotic vegetation, deep blue bays, and some of the most well-preserved archaeological sites in French Polynesia. Huahine’s dramatic scenery offers a peaceful alternative to some of the more touristed islands.

Tahiti travel information - TikehauTikehau

One of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia, Tikehau forms an almost unbroken ring of isles, many that are home to nesting bird colonies and all surrounded by an abundance of marine life. Quiet, remote and unhurried, it offers privacy, beauty and warm hospitality.

Tahiti travel information - ManihiManihi

Pristine white-sand beaches, lustrous black pearls, and clear blue waters rich with undersea life. Manihi is perfect for anyone seeking the idyllic retreat of South Seas island life. Drift dive among manta rays and dolphins, or tour a pearl farm and pick out your own Polynesian treasure.

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