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Tiger's Nest Tansang MonasteryBhutan & Sikkim

Step back centuries and explore two of the most isolated and unique of the Himalayan kingdoms. It’s a land where Buddhist monasteries cling to mountain cliffs, hillside rice paddies flourish in the sun, & ancient dzongs stand guard. <More Info>

Terra Cotta Warriors China

A land and culture as diverse as any in the world. Explore the many mysteries of this fascinating land as you follow in the footsteps of traders, pilgrims and explorers of the past. <More Info>

Hong Kong boatHong Kong

Asia’s World City has a colorful history, diverse culture and East-meets-West character. Stroll along the waterfront of one of the world’s most spectacular skylines. Hong Kong offers the ultimate in sophistication, unparalleled attractions and an adventure around every corner. <More Info>

Thailand Chang Mai IndochinaIndochina

Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam.
The treasures of Southeast Asia are revealed as you take an amazing journey through a cultural extravaganza. <More Info>

Varanasi IndiaIndia

India has so much to offer. Explore Mumbai, the rock-cut cave temples on Elephanta Island, the unparalleled Taj Mahal, the romantic palaces and forts of Rajasthan, ride an elephant in Jaipu and the Hindu temple at Khajuraho. <More Info>

Japan TempleJapan

The history and charm of Japan are yours to discover. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony in Tokyo, visit Kamakura’s Great Buddha, view iconic Fuji and stroll the beautiful gardens of the Hase Kannon Temple. <More Info>

Korea travelKorea

Evolving into a modern and vibrant country, it still maintains its traditional culture. Nowhere is such history and tranquility more in evidence than at the nation’s UNESCO World Heritage and Natural Heritage sites. More than landmarks, these sites mark the crossroads of nature, history and culture. <More Info>

Macao travelMacao

There is never a dull moment. Its Portuguese heritage has created a fusion that combines European, African, Indian and Chinese elements. Explore magnificent heritage sites and exciting entertaining spots in your own style. <More Info>

maldives travelMaldives

On this chain of coral islands southwest of India, turquoise water laps against white sand beaches. Relax, unwind and let time stand still as you savor the peace and tranquility. <More Info>

Singapore travelSingapore

This independent city-state is bustling cosmopolitan community with world class dining, accommodations and shopping. It is the world’s fourth-leading financial center, and its port is one of the busiest in the world. <More Info>

Sri Lanka travelSri Lanka

It may be a small island, but Sri Lanka is jam packed with incredible sites you have to see to believe. Pristine beaches, scenic train rides, waterfalls, elephants, temples, local markets, festivals and more.  <More Info>

The Philippines travelThe Philippines

Filled with countless things t do, it is a melting pot of festivities, culture and adventure. Get lost in the heart of fun! Discover new experiences at every turn on the charming streets of Old Manila. Go diving or relax on one of the many island beaches and enjoy a spectacular sunset. <More Info>

Taiwan travelTaiwan

A land of contrasts with high mountain peaks, stunning waterfalls, hot springs, tropical beaches and bustling cities. Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, a lively metropolis that has grown from an isolated river valley into one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. <More Info>

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