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The Biggest Travel Trends for 2024

From wellness to skip-gen trips, these are the trends shaping travel in 2024

If 2022 was all about a ‘return to travel’, then 2023 was the year we went further than ever before.  Travelers took to the skies, rails, roads and seas to tick off major bucket list moments, with luxury yacht cruises, Arctic adventures and more!

In 2024, travelers will be putting what’s important to them; front and center of their planning.  Valuing deeper experiences that leave a positive impact; time spent with loved ones and wellness moments that last well after checkout.  We’ll be choosing destinations carefully, slowing down to enjoy the silence and stars, enjoying food we love, in new and interesting destinations and immersing ourselves in wellness practices that help us relax and rejuvinate!

In the New Year, we will continue to see travelers head to Europe.  However, instead of Italy-which was a major travel destination in 2023-Croatia, the Azores and Portugal will pique the interest of travelers wanting something other than the typical tourist route.  In Latin America, we will see the grand return of luxuy trave to Peru as well as escapes to Cuba.  African safaris will remain popular and Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia will regain their status as top travel destinations.

The Rhine to the Amazon, river cruising will see a big rebound.  Additionally, family yachting in the Adriatic and the Galapagos will trend among leisure travelers who want to share their travel experiences with loved ones.

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Peak Season Gets the Cold Shoulder

There has been a dramatic increase in ‘shoulder season’ travel to Europe and elsewhere.  People are discovering less crowds in the Fall/Winter/early Spring months.  Staying away during the hot summer season and visiting the south of France, Spain, Sicily, Malta and beyond is the new trend.  Families are opting to take children out of school and traveling to far away destinations for off-season rates and fewer people.

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Private Travel

Traveling with family and friends has never been more popular.  Traveling together is fun and has advantages.  Do something unique that everyone can enjoy – cooking classes, spa stays, opera experiences, star gazing, meditation classes, biking/hiking trails, etc.,  Experience the ease of traveling with like minded people.  Everyone agrees to travel for a period of time and then they can add more time before or after, for a longer stay!  Great travel ideas to Europe, Asia; Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or South America.

Skip Gen Travel

Skip Gen describes when Grandparents take the Grandkids to somewhere unique and enjoy the time and adventure with them.  In other words, skipping a generation.  Grandparents in their 70’s are pairing well with the children for African Safari adventures, a unique European trip to Switzerland by rail or an adventure everyone remembers; a trip to the Galapagos!


Silent Travel

In a world of overstimulization, silence may be just what you need!  Imagine a vacation that helps you disconnect.  Relaxation classes for better sleep, breathing or lifestyle change is what people are booking now for 2024.  Most of our vacation packages offer some sort of ‘Silent’ travel experience – mediation class, spa massage, planet gazing, wildlife viewing, etc.,  In Africa we offer star beds—sleep out on deck, under the stars and in the mountains!  Get your fill on any customized trip; we help with unique nature experiences in Japan, Finland, Portugal, Italy & beyond!


Wellness Travel

Optimizing health has become the focus for savvy travelers.  Donna Salerno Travel has preferred partner status with many luxury hotels & spas worldwide, hotels that offer assistance with a ‘healthier you’!  Some places are offering full diagnostic feedback to help with focused healthy results.  Want a holistic approach to your body inflammation and/or arthritis? allergies? weight loss? healthy lifestyle?  There are fun experiences at the destination with healthy guidelines, you can take home and implement.  Visit Europe, Asia, South America and other destinations in a new way.

Looking for something unique and different for your next vacation?  Celebrating a major event or milestone?  

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