Chile South America travel information
From the desert region of the north, to cosmopolitan Santiago, to the fjords of Patagonia in the south, the country is as breathtaking and as the people are diverse.

Santiago Chile South America travel informationSantiago

A sophisticated metropolis wedged between the Andes and Coastal Ranges. Visit the Palacio de La Moneda (Presidential Palace), originally a colonial mint; the Plaza de Armas; the Cathedral; and the Central Post Office. Continue to San Cristobal Hill for a panoramic view of the city and the Andes.

Chile South America travel information Lake DistrictLake District

The Lake District has snow-capped volcanoes, pristine lakes and rushing white water. At Puerto Varas a chain of lakes and overland roads wind through the Andes to Argentina. This Alpine region offers rafting, horseback riding and exploration of the range of volcanoes.

Valapariso Chile South America travel informationValparaiso

An major port city for centuries Valparaiso continues to serve that role and as it retains its historical past in the architecture. Vin del Mar has developed into a popular beach resort community.

Patagonia Chile South America travel informationPatagonia

Torres del Paine National Park boasts the world’s most stunning array of mountains, glaciers, lakes and forest. The hallmark granite cuernos (horns) and torres (towers) thrust abruptly skyward from the flat pampa. At their feet, the turquoise, emerald and aquamarine lakes provide the perfect contrast.

Atacama Desert Chile South America travel informationThe Atacama Desert

It will leave you in awe – and no, it won’t be anything near what you expect. It even snows in the desert! This is the world’s driest desert, home to cactus’, salt flats, geysers and so much more to be discovered.

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