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Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and spectacular natural beauty of this untouched land. One of the world’s few remaining countries that offer an experience unspoiled by modern civilization.

Wigman Papua New Guinea

Meet members of a remote Highlands tribe untouched by Western civilization.

As your boat slips into the current of the Sepik River, the rain forest surrounds you.

Papua New Guinea Children In Boat

Journey into the unknown as the river unwinds, drawing you deep into the uncharted interior of the country.

Members of some of Papua New Guinea’s many tribes welcome you to their villages on the riverbanks.

Paupa New Guinea Map

DAYS 1 – 3: Cairns, Australia
Papua New Guinea Huli Wigman Feather Depart from home on Friday, cross the International Date Line and arrive on Sunday. Spend the first full day in Cairns at your leisure. Meet your fellow travelers and discuss the upcoming journey at a festive dinner party.

DAYS 4 – 6: Port Moresby & Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea
Fly from Cairns to Port Moresby to discover one of the finest collections of primitive art in the world at the National Museum. Then fly to Mt. Hagen, the capital of the Western Highland, to witness the legendary Mudmen reenact tribal folklore through dance and costume.

DAYS 7 – 10 Cruise up the Sepik River
Papua New Guinea Huli Wigman Face Board the M/V Sepik Spirit, a comfortable 16-passenger vessel, as we journey up one of the world’s great rivers. Each clan along the Sepik has its own unique artwork, spirit masks, spiritual figures and legends. Tambanum features exquisitely crafted houses lining the waterfront. The Middle Sepik is populated mainly with small, traditional villages where tribal life centers on the Haus Tambaran, or Spirit House. In Palembei, get a real taste of the culture as you walk through gardens of corn, kaukau (sweet potato), melons and stands of breadfruit trees.

DAYS 11 & 12 Tari
 Discover the lush tropical paradise of Tari and spend two nights at the mountaintop Ambua Lodge. This cool alpine setting is the home of the Huli Wigmen, renowned for their elaborate and colorful dress. This evening, be treated to a traditional tribal Sing-Sing presided over by tribal elders, distinguished by their two-meter-high headdresses displaying the brilliant colors of plumes from the Birds of Paradise.

DAYS 13 – 16 Madang & Cairns, Australia
Papua New Guinea Huli Wigman Headress Today fly to Madang, often referred to as “the prettiest town in the South Pacific.” Madang is a totally unexpected montage of tribal cultures, immense beauty and friendly people. Kranket Island offers a variety of easily accessible places to swim and enjoy the superb sea life amid world-famous coral reefs. Return to Cairns via Port Moresby by air for one last evening and a farewell dinner party.

This is an interesting and unusual journey to Papua New Guinea, a remote destination that is undeveloped by Western standards. The accommodations maybe rustic or
spartan, but are the best available. The food is simple but tasty. The weather is unpredictable but for the most part is hot and humid. Itinerary below applies to the October departure. Please see a separate itinerary for the 18-Day July departure.

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