Venice Starts Visitor Tax in 2020

Venice to charge tourist tax

Venice will begin taxing day-trippers starting July 1, 2020.
Tourists will pay $3.5 (€3) during the low season, $9 (€8) during high season and $11 (€10) during peak periods, such as summer weekends.
Payment can be made online with a credit card or from machines in the city.

Day-trippers are defined as any tourist who arrives by coach, cruise ship, water taxi, plane or train. The tax will also apply to islands in the Venetian lagoon, such as Burano or Murano.

According to city administrators, the goal of the tax is to make the millions of day-trippers who visit Venice each year contribute to the upkeep of the city. Visitors staying overnight already pay a tax as part of their accommodation charge.

In the plan, by 2022 in addition to paying the tax, tourists will have to make an online booking just to enter Venice.

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