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Top Safaris Around the World

Safaris aren’t just for the African bush. Therefore, we’ve rounded up some of our top safaris around the world to inspire your next Donna Salerno Travel journey.


Pantanal Jaguar

July through September is jaguar spotting season in Brazil’s Pantanal. The Pantanal wetlands in Western Brazil have been described as ‘the Okavango Delta on Steroids’ because of their astounding birdlife. It has recently become a mecca for wildlife enthusiasts, thanks to the Onçafari Project. The Onçafari Project, a pioneer venture in partnership with Caiman Lodge, studies the behavior of the elusive jaguar. 

Using radio collars and careful monitoring, 80% of guests at the lodge see the largest mammal of the Americas up close. Our preferred suppliers have a very strong relationship with both the lodge and the project, allowing us to tailor itineraries in the region according to each client’s objectives. From fun photographic safaris to in-depth participation with the jaguar monitoring team, this is an ideal wilderness lovers’ experience. We take you up close and personal with the wildlife and fun!

An Arctic Safari in Norway

Norway Reindeer KD

One of the best times to travel to the Arctic Circle is during the months of February, March, April, and May; this is when it really feels like the Arctic. From the Lofoten Islands to the Svalbard Islands, the region’s endless vistas and icy magic are at their best during this time. While here, explore national parks and reserves with a private guide in search of the region’s fascinating species. Long haired reindeer, foxes, seals, walrus colonies, and around 2,500 polar bears may appear in the Arctic spring.

A Tiger Safari in India

India Tiger KD

Thanks to conservation practices through recent decades, tigers are becoming somewhat easier to spot in the wild. Because of this, there are a number of places in India that make excellent choices for a tiger safari. From March to June, you should travel to Kanha to look for tigers, among other wildlife like swamp deer, mongoose, and leopards. If you want to travel to Ranthambore National Park, make plans to do so in May. But the country’s highest population of tigers reside in Bandhavgarh, along with leopards, nilgai, hog deer, and wild boar. The best time for a tiger safari in Bandhavgarh is April through June.

A Family Safari in South Africa

South Africa Family cooking

A family safari in South Africa is a great option for a family vacation. There is without a doubt something for everyone from the oldest to the youngest traveler. If the children are too young for a game drive with the rest of the family, they can stay at camp with a chaperone who leads them in kid-friendly activities like ecology walks and cooking classes. One of our favorite South Africa Family Safaris we put together for clients: it features Big Five game drives, polo lessons, whale watching, and horseback riding. We can do it for you too!

Galapagos Safari

Galapagos Turtle KD

The Galapagos Islands have long been enchanting the minds and imaginations of scientists, adventurers, and nature lovers. Famous for the Galápagos tortoises and the land and marine iguanas, the islands also host species like the Galápagos penguin, frigatebird, Galápagos sea lion, blue-footed booby, Darwin’s famous finches, the flightless cormorant, and the Galápagos hawk. A land-based top safari from the Galapagos Safari Camp affords you the opportunity to explore the neighboring islands of North Seymour, Bartolomé, Plazas, Santa Fé, Floreana and Isabela with a naturalist guide during the day. Meanwhile spend the night in an African-style luxury tented camp in the highlands of Santa Cruz.

A Walking Safari in Scotland

Scotland Walking Safaris KD

Scotland is not famous for walking safaris, but its scenic Highland landscapes and islands are best explored by foot. From the Isle of Skye, hike around the Black Cuillin and Loch Coruisk and spot marine wildlife on Loch Scavaig. And for some of the most scenic hiking in the UK, head to Glen Nevis and the gorgeous Steall Falls. Take a peek at our favorite outdoor adventures in Scotland to learn more.

A Walking and Canoe Safari in Botswana

Top Safaris Botswana Boat KD

Explore Botswana as the first African explorers did: in mokoros and on foot. This Botswana walking safari combines three days of walking in the Okavango Delta with four days in the Selinda Spillway. Each safari day offers something different and a chance to uncover the bush’s many surprises. This truly is one of the top safaris around the world.

The Amazon in Peru

Top Safaris Peru Monkey KD

During the Amazon’s wet season, you can explore the Amazon River and deep into the rainforest via a skiff. From there, you’ll have an excellent vantage point of sloths high above, squirrel monkeys swinging from branches, and the amazing endemic birdlife. The best part about an Amazon safari is the naturalist guides though. Their passion for nature and the Amazon’s wildlife is infectious. They can locate any bird by their song, know where to find caimans in the dark, can smell monkeys from a distance, and call pink dolphins closer to the skiff.

Winter in India

Top Safaris Mountain Goat India KD

Hemis National Park is believed to have the highest density of snow leopards of any protected area in the world. The high-altitude park lies in the eastern Ladakh region and is famous for being the best place to spot snow leopards in the wild. For your best chance at spotting them, head there in the winter. In the cooler months, leopards come down from higher altitude following their food making the elusive creature easier to spot. Other wildlife to keep an eye out for on this top safari include the Tibetan argali sheep, ibex, urial, wild mountain goat, blue sheep, chukhar, snowcocks, and golden eagles.

Honeymoon in South Africa

Top Safaris Mountain Goat India KD

Is there a better way to celebrate your new marriage than with a honeymoon safari in South Africa and Mauritius? It pairs a stay at the incredible Singita Lebombo Lodge for Big Five game drives with a few days spent relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Oberoi Mauritius.

Top Safaris Around the World

To make one of these top safaris around the world your next journey, or if you have another destination in mind, 
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