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Summer Travel Inspiration

Summer is an incredible season. The days are long, the sun is warm, and there’s a feeling of optimism in the air. It’s also one of the best times to travel the world. If you have a family, the kids are out of school, which is a big deal and makes hitting the road a lot less complicated. But even if you’re exploring the world solo, there are many advantages of summer travel and many amazing places to explore in the summer months.

If you want to explore the world this summer, these are some of the top destinations to consider.


Alaska bear

In the Alaskan summer, the days are long, the weather is mild, and animals are everywhere. If you want to go for a hike to take in the stunning vistas or cruise onto the water to spot migrating whales, summer is a great time to visit. Parts of Alaska even experience the Midnight Sun in summer, when the sun never sets for weeks at a time. But even the more southerly parts of the state that experience some nighttime in summer still offer the ideal environment for long days spent outdoors. 


Australia hiker

Our summer is Australian winter, which means cooler weather, fewer crowds, and lots of opportunities to cross some icons off your bucket list. The weather in tropical Queensland along the Great Barrier Reef is warm and dry, which makes for perfect diving adventures. The Outback is also cooler in the Aussie winter, making a trip to Uluru in the Red Centre very appealing. The cities of the southeast are a tad wetter and cooler than other parts of the country, but they’re still mild compared to North America, making summer a great time to explore Sydney, Melbourne, and the other cosmopolitan centres of Oz.


Hiking in the Azores

This Portuguese archipelago off the northeastern coast of Africa is mild year-round, with warm temperatures, cool ocean breezes, and lots of opportunity to get outside and explore the gorgeous natural environment. Hike volcanic craters, spot migratory seabirds and whales, and hit up the bountiful beaches, which take advantage of year-round temperatures in the mid-70s°F (mid-20s °C).


Dining with a Bali view

Summer is a great time to hit up the beaches of Bali around Nusa Dua and Seminyak, but Bali is also so much more than a beach destination! The summer brings warm weather and lots of sunshine, which is appealing for beach days, but it also has festivals and great environments for exploring the island’s volcanoes and jungles. Bali also has an exceptional food scene, so summer is a great time to hit up an open-air patio and enjoy celebrated flavors from around the world.


Fiji underwater fun

North American summer is Fiji’s dry season, when you don’t have to worry about much rain or inclement weather spoiling a sunny day at the beach. The temperatures are still warm, in the high 70s° (high 20s°C), you can still take advantage of snorkeling and other water-based activities. Summer is also the low season in Fiji, which means more affordable prices and fewer crowds to contend with at popular resorts and beaches.


Polar bear in Manitoba

You might be shocked to find the Canadian prairie province on this list, but it’s not a mistake. Manitoba is an incredible place to visit in the summer. In the south near the capital Winnipeg, the prairie fields are particularly gorgeous in the summer, with big, sunny skies, warm weather, and cool breezes. Head up to Churchill to spot polar bears in the wild or watch the Northern Lights. Cruise onto Hudson Bay to see beluga whales and other migratory species. If you want a taste of the north without the cold or travelling too far, hit up Manitoba in summer.


Peru Machu Picchu

Peru experiences its winter in while we’re enjoying summer in the Northern Hemisphere. But winter in Peru doesn’t bring snow. Rather, it brings consistent, dry weather that lets you get outside and experience its historical wonders without worrying about cloud cover. If you want that perfect view of Machu Picchu framed by a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the North American summer. 


South Africa panoramic view

If you want to head on safari this summer, savor some wine, or explore one of the world’s most colorful cities, head to South Africa. Its winter season is ideal for North American travelers who want to enjoy milder temperatures on safari game drives, dry weather along the Western Cape, and plenty of opportunities to explore from Cape Town into the Winelands and along the Garden Route. South Africa also has some great prices for this summer, making a bucket list vacation more affordable than you might think.

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