Japan – A Land of Tradition

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Venturing to the easternmost hem of the Silk Road, Japan luxury travel reveals an economic powerhouse with one foot firmly planted in its storied past and the other jumping head long into the prevalent future.

Tradition and Culture

Sure, the typical Japanese stereotypes still ring true: Anime and Harajuku continue to infiltrate Tokyo’s subcultures. Karaoke and endless sake remain the favorite Friday night pastime. And sushi is just as serious as it is popular. However, Japan luxury travel also divulges that the country is still very much grounded in its imperial roots. You can witness this in cities like Kyoto, which still clings to its traditional geisha teahouses and thousands of temples and shrines. Also experience tradition in Hakone, a peaceful mountainside pilgrimage just outside chaotic Tokyo.

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Poignant Timelessness

The dichotomy of past and present creates an almost timelessness to Japan luxury travel. It can by tasted in the country’s incredibly varied and altogether adventurous food scene. Indeed, cuisine is presented with an intentional and practically reverential attention to detail. It can also be tapped in one of the countryside’s intimate ryokans. Here, guests are invited to don their traditional Japanese robes, soak in restorative onsen hot springs, and dine on marathons of kaiseki cuisine, a several-hour culinary art showcase served on tatami floors.

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But most poignantly, it is felt in the meticulous and careful nature of the Japanese people. They never shy away from beauty, whether in the form of a Zen rock garden, an on-time train schedule, or a dynamic Tadao Ando original whose forward-thinking design holds just as much permanence as the ancient craftsmen of Kanazawa.

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