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The Emerald Isle

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Where Celtic music and Guinness will course through your veins

On a lush island in the North Atlantic, full of shamrocks and leprechauns, is the Emerald Isle. Among its sheepy pastures, medieval castles, and rugged green coastlines that dive and slope into the sea, you will find the warm and hospitable people of Ireland.

The Irish love a good craic, which translates loosely to sharing news, gossip, fun, entertainment and having grand ol’ times. Pop your head into any pub across the country and you’ll get it.

Ireland Trinity library

The capital, Dublin, known throughout history as County Dublin and Kingdom of Dublin, is today in contention for being the friendliest city in Europe. Dublin is home to historic Trinity College, Dublin Castle, the Guinness brewery at St. James Gate, and the Abbey Theatre – these are all well-preserved and worth a visit – places where you can take a step into the past. 

The city surrounds the River Liffey that flows out to the sea and is bordered on its south by the Wicklow Mountains. The north and west sides of the city are wrapped with pastoral landscapes and picturesque Irish farmland.

Ireland castle

The west coast of Ireland has some of the country’s most scenic regions. The southwestern town of Killarney in County Kerry is the ideal launching point to tour through the Dingle, Kerry, and Beara Peninsulas – wild landscapes where the vistas are lengthy and the sea crashes, feeding the salty air.

In Northern Ireland, the capital, dressed in Edwardian fashion, is Belfast. Today it’s an aerospace hub and its roots were strengthened by the Industrial Revolution. Titanic Belfast is a museum dedicated to the storied ship, which was designed, built and launched in the Harland and Wolff slipway in the city.

Before you depart, make sure you pick up a roll neck or cable sweater, an Aran sweater, if possible, and may you always feel the warmth of Ireland.

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