Best Places To Travel in August

Check our round-up list of the best places to travel in August!  Planning a late summer getaway? Here’s our picks for the best places to travel in August.

Sacred Valley, Peru

Catch the end of the dry season in Peru, the best time for hiking and higher altitude activities in Machu Picchu.  For August, consider our Inca Explorer journey; a 12-day exploration of Peru that includes hiking, river rafting, a ride on the Hiram Bingham, cultural interactions, and cooking classes.

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Peru Travel


The legendary Badenfahrt, a ten-day city festival only takes place every ten years and attracts around 100,000 visitors a day. The Lucerne Festival was founded in 1938, attracting international stars and over 100,000 fans of classical music to Lake Lucerne every year.  On the Piazza Grande, hundreds of art films are competing for the public’s favor and the Golden Leopard on the 70th anniversary of the Festival del film Locarno. All this fun and frolic is plenty of reason to visit one of Europe’s most picturesque countries.


Basque Country, Spain

Head to Basque Country, not only for the perfect weather and delectable Michelin-starred cuisine, but also for Bilbao’s annual Aste Nagusia festival. This nine-day celebration is the biggest festival of the year and a prime opportunity to witness Basque culture on full display. Donna Salerno Travel has all of the exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to make your Aste Nagusia experience one to remember.

Best Places to Travel in May | Spain Luxury Travel


Wild beautiful beaches, mostly uncrowded and still warm waters make Wales a unique northern European destination. From the white sands of Pembrokeshire’s Barafundle Bay to Anglesey’s romantic Llanddwyn bay, the Wales coastline is home to 41 beaches,18 castles and 12 nature reserves.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Not only does the UK boast some of its clearest skies in August, it also boasts a delightful array of exciting festivals. Don’t miss out on the annual Edinburgh Festival, one of the best arts and music events in the world. While you’re there, take some time to embark on a few whisky tours and Highland hikes.

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Scotland Travel -Scotland


The months between July and September are the very best period to explore Brazil’s wild northernmost coastline – the best region for scuba diving and kite surfing experiences.  It’s the time of the year when the surf crowd hits the beautiful beaches of Itacaré with the unique laid back Bahian vibe. Top experiences include: kite surfing in Jericoacoara, scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Fernando de Noronha, and riding the waves in Itacaré, home to the WQS World Surfing Championships.


Lisbon and Portugal

Being a coastal town, Lisbon basically flaunts perfect weather all summer. The cool breezes off the Atlantic make even the warmest days feel pleasant. Explore the maritime history and relax on the sand with the locals who flock to the shores.

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Namibia is a great year-round travel destination, but if you head there in August you’ll be rewarded with cool air, clear skies, and ideal conditions for capturing some really stunning photographs. The landscape is drying out, drawing game to waterholes, making them more visible, both to safari-goers and predators.

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Namibia Travel

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Make the most of the beautiful weather by following the cobblestone streets of the Jordaan and poking your head into the city’s famous museums. While Amsterdam has always been a go-to destination for art, culture, and nightlife, it especially comes alive in the summer. Parks are filled with sunbathers and streets are swamped with cyclists, and the packed August festival, market, and concert calendar only adds to the effervescent ambiance.  

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Netherlands Travel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great year-round destination, but it is especially wonderful in August when the temperatures are still warm and the entire country goes on vacation to the Black Sea. It is the best time to enjoy a few empty cities, less traffic, and a relaxed vacation. Of course, you’re always welcome to go to the beach if you’re missing human interaction!

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Bulgaria Travel


Spend the sunny August days in the ancient, aboriginal reaches of Arnhem Land exploring one of the most sacred and spiritually powerful places in the world. From Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris, experience the Australian outback unlike any other—full of spontaneous encounters with the region’s dazzling wildlife, landscapes, and rock art galleries documenting 50,000 years of cultural evolution among the region’s original custodians, the Aboriginal Australians.

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Australia Travel

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Summer is one of the best times to visit Baja California Sur, where visibility in the Sea of Cortez can reach up to 100 feet, making it a fabulous place to scuba and snorkel. August is also sea turtle season when mama turtles come to shore to lay their eggs, which allows for optimal interactions with the baby hatchlings as they make their entrance into the world. There are currently sea turtle preservation programs on the Baja Peninsula and up and down the Pacific Coast like the Magdalena Bay Sea Turtle Monitoring Camp which offers extraordinary up-close experiences for interested travelers. Hatchling releases, sea turtle monitoring, and open ocean sea turtle viewings allow visitors to witness these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat while ensuring their presence for generations to come.

Best Places to Travel in August | Luxury Travel - Mexico

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